Stefan Jora
Random favorite quote: “I feel a book, unlike a photo exhibit or magazine story, is a permanent record. Books have a life of their own and make photography more accessible to people as they can be purchased and studied. My books have to communicate with the viewer and say something about the ‘American dream’. To this type of photography, on the printed page, I have made a commitment.” – Bill Owens

2014/05/14 - Check out my video and campaign on
2014/03/12 - Please join me at the The Harvey Milk Photo Center on Thursday, May 8th, where I will be showing images from my Rainbow Project for their monthly photography Lecture Series, between 6:30-8:30 PM.
2013/07/20 - The Gay Families Project was awarded the third place in the Documentary category at the Pride Photo Awards!
2012/12/28 - Back in San Francisco after 2 months on the road.
2012/09/01 - Please join me at a reception in San Francisco on Thursday, September 6th: Defining Families.
2011/07/11 - The Gay Families Project's Pacific Northwest fundraiser ended on ulule; stay up to date about the Project on Facebook.